The core business of Alliance Benefit Group (ABG) is recordkeeping for employer sponsored retirement plans. We provide recordkeeping services for over $3 billion dollars in assets and out of that we have over $2 billion held at Charles Schwab. ABG is one of Schwab's largest independent recordkeepers. After HSAs were created in December of 2003 as part of the Medicare Modernization and Prescription Drug Act, ABG created our MyHSA Health Savings Account program. ABG is the Program Provider and Charles Schwab Bank is the Custodian that holds all of the assets. ABG does the recordkeeping and daily administration for the MyHSA program.

About MyHSA

MyHSA is a different kind of HSA, it’s a better HSA. MyHSA is designed for the long term while making it easy for you to access your money to pay for medical expenses that you have today. (More)

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