If you are looking for an HSA solution to provide to your clients EPIC Retirement Plan Services has multiple options you should consider. Our MyHSA account is different than just about every other HSA on the market. We have created a 401(k) look alike HSA where account holders automatically start investing their funds after a small cash balance and they have access to their invested dollars on their MasterCard debit card.


We offer IT tools to our partners that include:

  • Custom participant website design
  • Single Sign On solution from your website to ours
  • Ability for your clients to access their MyHSA account from your website
  • New account enrollment for individuals from your website

About MyHSA

MyHSA is a different kind of HSA, it’s a better HSA. MyHSA is designed for the long term while making it easy for you to access your money to pay for medical expenses that you have today. (More)