An HSA that is Easy to use!

Cash and Investments

With the MyHSA Health Savings Account you only have one account that holds both cash and investments. This means contributions are automatically allocated between cash and investments, with a maximum cash threshold of $200. For distributions, getting access to your money has never been easier. There is no need to transfer funds between investments and cash. Simply swipe your debit card, request a direct deposit, or have a check mailed directly to you.

MyHSA MasterCard Debit Card

Benefits Card
  • Use your debit card anywhere MasterCard is accepted to pay for your qualified medical expenses.
  • You have access to 95% of your MyHSA account balance on your debit card (including both cash and investment balances).

About MyHSA

MyHSA is a different kind of HSA, it’s a better HSA. MyHSA is designed for the long term while making it easy for you to access your money to pay for medical expenses that you have today. (More)